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Learning Your First Wedding Dance: What To Expect?
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Preparation for the upcoming wedding is an exciting moment and sometimes could be even a bit stressful. A bit? - you may ask me.. Oh, well, maybe not at all, let's just say preparation could be extremely stressful, as all potential guests need to be informed, the venue should be ready and picked wisely, the DJ must be selected, the whole ceremony, the meals and entertainment programed should planned perfectly and the list may go on and on
​and on.

How To Buy Your First Dance Shoes?
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After you have taken a few dance lessons, you feel that you want to become more serious about your dancing. The next thing which you might think of at the moment is how to get dance shoes to dance smoother and feel more comfortable on the dance floor. In this post ​I want to share some helpful tips on how to buy quality shoes, the once which will make you feel like a real dancer.

Everyone Can Dance! Dance Is A Beautiful & Accessible Activity For All!
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Beautiful outfit, the sports, slim figures, easy and graceful movements – all this describes Ballroom & Latin. Ballroom enchants, takes the breath away, captures and gives lot of positive emotions.  At the sight of any dance there is quite clear desire – there is a wish to move equally beautifully and elegantly together
with the partner.

Five Key Rules Of
Etiquette ​On Social Dance Floor
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As you know, social dance is very popular activity and there are so many places out there to go for a social in Naples and Bonita Springs. Socials is is a great way to have a fun, perfect your own skills and spend a great time with interesting people around you.  Sooner or later after taking private or group dance classes in the studio, you decide to attend social dance party. 

5 Reasons Why Children's Dance Classes Is The Best Activity For Your Child
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A child who regularly attends the class can be seen from a far. Correct posture, alignment, even shoulders, gracefulness and plasticity - all that would make your boy or a girl stand out from the crowd. By learning how to do just the basics of Salsa, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Swing or even Tango children discover how to hold their arms, their spine, how to place their feet on the floor. All that develops strength, stamina and better coordination in the body. 

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