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Everyone Can Dance!
BallroomDancing Is Beautiful And Accessible Activity For All!

Beautiful outfit, the sports, slim figures, easy and graceful movements – all this describes Ballroom & Latin. Ballroom enchants, takes the breath away, captures and gives lot of positive emotions. At the sight of any dance there is quite clear desire – there is a wish to move equally beautifully and elegantly together with the partner.

And right there lies a huge number of doubts and fears. Will I be able to move gracefully, not ridiculously? Whether there are no restrictions on health and age?

Whether I will achieve progress if I begin to take dancing lessons at mature age?

​There are many myths which prevent the person from deciding and taking the first step to a bright future – to learn to dance and to take true pleasure from this process independently or with the partner.

Myth number one: “I should have taken dance classes in the early childhood”.

Study, work, ambitions prevent us to derive pleasure from life and to be engaged in what is pleasant without fear or doubts. Dancing – surprisingly useful and beautiful hobby, which is possible to begin at any age and good results are guaranteed not only to early beginners. The winner is the one who's got used to working hard. Today men and women after thirty can become ballroom dancers if they want it. They can start as basic social dancers and go gradually to the level of a competitive dancer. They can easily and quickly begin to dance if they use enough efforts and listen to the coach. In 0-1 years time frame, it is possible to learn to move, feel the partner and even to participate in prestigious dance competitions. Even adult couples at the age of 55-65 years can participate in competitions.

As for parties and holidays you will be always noticeable and expressive!

Myth number two: “I am insufficiently talented to Salsa or Tango”.

You might think that you are too short or too tall, you have insufficiently straight legs, there is excess of weight, which bothers you… You can think of many excuses, but to what extent? Nobody knows one’s potential, until you try. Just give yourself a chance – and look what will happen! Just believe it – nobody will laugh at you when you take the first steps. And hardly will you want to laugh at those who come after you!

Myth number three: “I can’t!”

Of course, ballroom dancing requires commitment. Regular private lessons and / or group classes will be necessary to learn to move gracefully. But nevertheless everyone who dreams can learn it, set the goal and go for it. Then it’s your choice: a basic social dancer, advanced dancer or maybe even the world champion, participating in dance competitions developing a strong hobby out of it.

Dancing itself is amazing activity, it helps you to reach much: to find new friends, to strengthen your muscles, to straighten your figure, to improve your health, to open new perspectives. You can dance regardless of age and social status.

Myth number four: “I have no partner and therefore I cannot take lessons.”

Very rare people are starting this activity together, most of the times single man or women comes in the door and ask about information on how to start taking dance lessons! So, those who have no soulmate or the partner in dances have to give themselves chance and try it. Be assured that on the first class you can already meet your partner, but if it does not happen at once, it is sure to happen a bit later. Even without a partner you can work on the movements and improve your skills. Then you will move better, and your partner will come by.

Myth number five: “Ballroom dances it is too expensive for me.”

Certainly Ballroom & Latin dancing is not an inexpensive activity. It does require a certain type of investment from us. However, everything requires money such things as going on a trip to a favorite destination, regular dinning out, shopping and etc. Here you have you remember that you are investing in your own education and education as we know is not a free either. Anyway participation in the Pro/Am competitions calls for a competitive outfit for it, which will demand higher investments.

​However, if you are interested in taking in private dance lessons or group glasses, it is not difficult to budget and to afford. Ballroom dancing is quite accessible to the average person of our country. It is not so expensive as it can seem at first sight.

Myth number six: “I have no time.”

Think, how much time you spend senselessly and is useless. Whereas making time for dance lessons is an excellent way to strengthen health, to improve stamina, to learn to breathe correctly, to move gracefully, to find people to your liking, to open new talents and to learn to enjoy life. Life means movement, and ballroom dances can become the best part of this life.

Ballroom dancing – social dancing

If you want to show dancing skills and beauty, smoothness of movements at parties, act gracefully and entertain at family holidays, come to studio and take ballroom lesson. You will be able to surprise friends and relatives and get maximum of pleasure from dance. Dance at parties, social events and be a bright star!

What can you learn?

You can learn many ballroom dances such as: Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Walt, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Foxtrot, Jive, Lindy Hop, Mambo, Paso Doble, Quickstep and other. You can learn to dance in the class at private lessons or together with other students.

Group classes help to meet people, to improve dancing, have fun and to relax.

Dance helps to collect the thoughts, to find tranquility and even with ease to endure autumn depression. Do not fall for fashion or fears – you will be able, as you will see, to get plenty of positive emotions and change your life to the better! Take the first step – allow your dreams to become reality! Go straight to the floor today! Ballroom dancing is a real opportunity to meet interesting people and become happy.
Everyone can dance!

You should try ballroom dances right now! Believe in yourself! You can dance and have much fun! Become a superstar of ballroom dancing!


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