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Let's Dance With Me is a professional dance school, located in Naples, FL. Established in 2016,  Let's Dance With Me was designed to provide premium quality multi-style dance instruction in the city of Naples and its metropolitan area for students of any ages and backgrounds. Now serving nearly 1000 clients both online and offline. We are constantly searching for trustworthy private equity investors, interested in developing together an ultimate dance school serving the needs of Naples community and its surroundings.


Let's Dance With Me is driven by the team of highly dedicated and passionate professionals focused on delivery of organizational values of our company.

Being privately owned, independent dance school, we prioritize attention to detail, exceptional learning experience and premium quality dance training for our students. We are proud to offer an ultimate multi-style dance instruction by our highly skilled and reputable dance instructors. Let’s Dance With Me is a customer-centric dance company, putting the needs of its students and their trust first. We are passionate about achieving students’ goals regardless of their current level, frequency of attendance, background or past dance experience!


Fiscal Year 2023

IMG_3501 2.jpeg

The year 2023 was a triumph for Let's Dance With Me, showcasing substantial progress and dedicated efforts. Our family of students, instructors, and supporters contributed to a flourishing community.

Throughout the year, our studio witnessed a surge in participation, welcoming individuals of all ages and skill levels. From the allure of Ballroom to the rhythmic beats of Hip Hop, we continued to offer diverse learning experiences.

In the competitive realm, our students shone brightly, clinching victories at Pro/Am Dance Competitions nationwide. The energy of our showcases echoed the enthusiasm of approximately 180 attendees at each event, celebrating the passion for dance.

Adding to the excitement, new talent joined our team, enhancing the overall experience for our students. We are proud to announce the appointment of Miss Sonia Jucht as an additional female instructor, starting January 4th, 2024.

Moreover, Let's Dance With Me proudly achieved the esteemed title of National Title Winner at USDC this year, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Our talented dancers have not only secured this prestigious title but have also competed and triumphed in numerous national dance competitions, showcasing the dedication and skill within our community.

As we conclude this remarkable year, we extend our deepest gratitude to the Let's Dance With Me community for their unwavering support, trust, and dedication. The synergy between our students, instructors, and staff has made 2023 truly unforgettable.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are committed to maintaining the momentum, fostering growth, and continuing to provide exceptional dance experiences for our community.

Sergey Vasilyev

Let's Dance With Me studio

Founder & Managing Director

Fiscal Year 2022

sergey pic.heic

Year of 2022 was another year of heavy work and strong progress for Let's Dance With Me as a studio. We've doubled a number of students from 150 enrolled to nearly 300 students. It was a big pleasure to see a true diversity in learning activities happening on the floor from Ballroom to Hip Hop, Tap, competitive dance, recreational dance and of course social dance. We've been teaching students from the age of 6 and ending with 85 years old adult. On competitive arena, we've been fortunate to WIN TWO National Pro/Am titles for our students and ONE World Title! Obvious IN STUDIO highlights of the year for us was TWO mega successful showcase events which gathered under the roof of Let's Dance With Me about 130 - 140 people between students participating and guests attending the events! We've been truly overwhelmed by this turn around and felt a bit understaffed to be able to provide even better service to our students! However, in the last quoter of 2022, we were able to make productive steps in talent acquisition and have brought additional talent on a team!


We've definitely stepped in 2023 with new highly valuable additions to our teaching faculty! Obviously, the year of 2022 was not the smoothest, we did have ups and downs. Company had experienced a superb staff rotation which certainly did make an impact on our momentum which we are determined to regain in the second quoter of 2023!


Overall it was a great year and we are looking for new achievements and new heights with our dedicated team of instructors and our superb Let's Dance With Me students community!

Sergey Vasilyev 

Let's Dance With Me studio

Founder & Managing Director 

Fiscal Year 2021 


We are thrilled with what we accomplished in fiscal 2021, far surpassing the pre-pandemic performance levels, delivering record-high revenue, increasing operating income and resisting inflationary headwinds pressured our company. 


Over pandemic 2021, we’ve developed a favorable EVP and accomplished a strong talent acquisition maneuver by hiring 4 highly qualified professionals, resulting in strong start up company spirit, translating in better service, increase in demand for our services, customer satisfaction and most but not the least importantly 65% increase in brought up yearly revenue. 


As of today we are still developing a core of engaged, motivated and experienced employees and we will continue to support them and look to add expertise. We know the future remains unpredictable, but we believe now is the right time to continue to invest in our flexible and highly diversified business model. We will maintain our focus on the long-term vision, getting Let’s Dance With Me Company to drive progress towards our strategic goals. 


We have ambitious plans for 2022, designed to scale and take our “baby” company on the next level. I will be sharing with private equity investors, strategic partners and venture capitalists in our annual report on company’s performance and achievements upon 2022 completion this December.


Sergey Vasilyev,

Let’s Dance With Me 

Founder & Managing Director 

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