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Ballroom Competitions for Adults and Children

Here at Let's Dance With Me, we love taking students to the world of fantasy! Travel to fantastic destination around the nation and abroad, stay in luxury hotels, enjoy exclusive dining experience and of course dance until all day and night long!

We are committed to provide ultimate travel and competition experience to our clients! Thus we throughly planning every single step of your completion program. 

Exclusive Destinations 

Experience life through dance. Travel all over the globe and visit exquisite cities and their cityscape beauty!

Superb Learning Experience 

Come and absorb the ultimate way of life through dance. Enjoy a unique night out with the studio and learn more beyond the studio!


Fine Dining

Travel and stay in lavish hotels, enter fine dining establishments with top quality cuisines and service. Savor the various dish options and share a glass of wine with the studio's Ballroom Competitive team!

Amateur Competitions 

If you are not dancing in Pro/Am and you are a parent or an amateur competitor, we teach on a competitive level! Join the program and represent Let's Dance With Me Studio nationally and internationally. 

Shopping Experience 

Purchase beautiful gowns at amazing competition venues across the country. Diversify your wardrobe with various designer dresses. Find a dress that matches your uniqueness and take your dance floor appearance to the next level!

Pro/Am Competitions

There is a whole world of Ballroom competing and Let's Dance With Me Studio's is working hard everyday to train future and current competition. Develop your dance and become a top rank in the nation.

When is your next one?

Let us help you to find your next competition and deliver an unforgettable experience! 

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