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We are here to support our community! 

Giving Back to the Community

At Let's Dance With Me, we believe in the rhythm of giving back! Witness how we're making a difference in the community. From supporting local causes to fostering inclusivity through dance, join us on our journey of social impact. Learn about our initiatives, partnerships, and the heartfelt stories that inspire us to dance with purpose. Together, let's make every step count for a brighter and more connected community. Discover how Let's Dance With Me is more than just dance – it's a commitment to making a positive change!


Grow Church Naples | January 30, 2024

At Let's Dance With Me, we are committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. As part of our ongoing efforts in giving back, we are thrilled to share our recent contribution to Grow Church Naples. In a spirit of support and community enrichment, we have donated gift certificates for dance lessons. We believe in the power of giving and are honored to contribute to the growth and well-being of the community. This is just one example of our dedication to fostering connections and making a meaningful difference. We look forward to continuing our commitment to philanthropy and creating a positive impact in partnership with organizations like Grow Church Naples.

Stepping Stone Kids Therapy
Stepping Stone Kids Therapy
Stepping Stone Kids Therapy

Stepping Stone Kid's Therapy | December 16, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our small yet impactful fundraiser was a success, raising $5,000. The contributions received will go towards supporting Stepping Stone Kids Therapy in their mission to assist children with autism. This achievement underscores our commitment to Autism awareness and showcases our dedication to making a meaningful difference. The funds raised will play a vital role in aiding Stepping Stone Kids Therapy as they continue their essential work in helping children with autism.


City of Naples Centennial Gala | November 30, 2023

As dedicated volunteers, our role at the Centennial Gala took on a vibrant and rhythmic dimension, as we enthusiastically contributed as dancers. With instructors showcasing dynamic dance performances, we took the initiative to invite attendees to join us on the dance floor, igniting the party with energy and joy. Amidst the elegant ambiance at 50 Riverside Circle in Naples, FL, we added a lively touch to the celebration, encouraging guests to partake in the festivities. Our involvement as dancing volunteers not only brought a dynamic element to the Centennial Gala but also exemplified our commitment to infusing events with enthusiasm and fostering a spirited atmosphere. This experience further underscores our dedication to actively engage and enhance the community's celebration of significant milestones.

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