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Booking Calendar

Classes are running both during the day time and evening. Book online any class you wish to attend! Enroll in one of the membership plans or try single class at $15 as a new student offering. One booking per person. Two students would require two separate bookings or two separate memberships. Upon completion you will receive a confirmation email!

Review active group classes schedule by clicking the button below.

Monthly Group Classes

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Combine Privates and Group Classes? Explore Let's Dance With Membership Program! 

Now you can save up to $1,740 / year or more on lessons and classes!

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum monthly memberships plans are now available! Each membership type includes private lessons and group classes! Master your dancing with a combo of group classes and private lessons! Let your professional take you to the next level! 


 Upgrade your subscription at anytime from anywhere!

Dress Code

We are asking to wear something comfortable for the first class. No restrictive or extra short clothes. We want you to feel free and be able to enjoy your experience.

Shoes Policy

Please note, we do not allow street shoes on the dance floor. You would need to bring a spare pair of clean shoes and change before your class begins. 


During group classes our students learn movement, timing, basic footwork. Instructor will speed focus within the group of students and will be able to provide individualized attention.

Our Teaching style 

We sincerely believe in fundamental teaching and extremely social learning atmosphere! When you come in for a class, you find a few activities happening in the ballroom at the same time. Our professional instructors are able to focus students on themselves only, achieve tremendous progress and everyone feel a part of big exciting Let's Dance With Me family! We love building entertaining classes and give tons of positive energy to our students!

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Studio Location

Let's Dance With Me Studio

4367 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL, 34103.

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