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Success Stories 

Read about real experiences of our students, who have started like you today. Help us to build a true reputation, share your success story, tell others about your experience with us!

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Joann Stalhmann 

It is such an honor to be dancing with Sergey at Let's Dance With Me. He runs his studio

with upmost professionalism and thorough teaching techniques. He takes ballroom dancing to the highest level bringing his students to National level in competition

with many wins to show.

Kelley Stewart.heic

Kelley Stewart

I’ve been in and out of the Naples Ballroom dance community since the mid 90's, and I can honestly say that Let's Dance With Me Studio is a breath of fresh air. The teaching is top notch, the studio is well maintained, and they conduct business in an honest and straightforward manner. This is a diverse and family friendly studio where you will be welcomed as you are, and challenged to be better. I truly look forward to every lesson.


Jita Crowell

Looking for a fun place to dance? This is the right one for you. We have joined Let’s Dance family about a year ago and the kiddos really like it! We started in a group setting and then switched to private to enjoy more of one on one time to learn Hip Hop /ages 5-11.Thank you for having us. Let’s keep up with the amazing work!!!

Jerry Paul

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When I first walked in to check this dance studio out, everyone was so warm and welcoming. The whole environment is very professional and inviting. Sergey and his staff greet me and every person that walks in the door with a smile every single day, and that is quite impressive! I have met all of their instructors and they are extremely talented and care about you as a person. I have been taking classes there for 6 months now and it has been amazing. My personal instructor is Barbara and we have been doing private lessons for the last 2 months and she is absolutely wonderful. Barbara is sweet and caring, and genuinely wants to know you as a person, and wants to accomplish your goals as a dancer. I walked in as a beginner dancer with no experience, and she has really been encouraging and supporting throughout my journey. As a guy who just wants to learn social dance, who didn't have confidence to dance with women, Barbara has really elevated my skills to build my confidence to dance in salsa and bachata and now i am having a blast! I HIGHLY recommend her for all you guys that are afraid of dancing, who just want to not be afraid anymore. Come check this place out and you will not be disappointed! I love this studio!

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Stella Hendrix

This is my favorite dance studio of all time! Super friendly, professional and talented staff, super supportive community, lots of opportunities to perform (if you want!) I just can’t say enough good things about it!

Taina Class.HEIC

Taina Class

I have been taking lessons there for about a year and enjoy each lesson.

Wonderful Showcase last evening.

2023-07-25 19.05.29.jpeg

Olga Chemlina

Love love love Let’s dance with me Studio! Great variety of classes to choose from, amazing instructors both male and female. As someone who loves to dance and enjoys learning different types of dancing by attending both - groups and private lessons, this studio is “one stop shop”. They offer great new student specials as well as membership packages. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Lots of great social dancing and studio concert events. Highly recommend!

Video Testimonials  

Vanessa Bueno | Experience Review
Mikki Williams and Curly Davis.
Liv Scheen Herman.
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