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Kids Competition Dance Team

  We are continuously enrolling kids ages 7-17 in our 2023 hip hop, jazz, and lyrical competition team! Offering an amazing outlet to take children from a casual class student up to national level competitor! Both pre-competition classes and competition classes will build confidence, strength, coordination and superb dancers overall. We take pride in what we do and help kids to discover their strengths and talents! 

Our professional staff will guide you thru options on how to get started and what curriculum, frequency to follow to deliver an exciting experience to your child! To get started, schedule an introductory lesson and let us make a quick evaluation and provide guidance! ​​

If you missed the opportunity to enroll during an official enrollment period in our competition team this season, not a problem! We have competition prep classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to prepare anyone for

the August 2022 -June 2023 Competition Team season! 

Wish your kids to join fun, competitive atmosphere? 

Competition group class schedule and competition prep classes

Learn about the schedule of group classes designed to bring up children to the speed of stage competitor. If your child has previous experience and able to join competition team training times, by clicking below access that information as well.

 Introductory session & consultation

If you are ready to bring your child to the school for the initial lesson, use the link below to schedule online. 

Have a question? Request consultation!

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Extra activities 

During calendar year we are running Spring and Christmas showcases along with Spring and Fall Recitals. Explore these options to miximize practice opportunities for your children!

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