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Private dance lessons at home 

We are offering private dance lessons and group classes in the convenience of your home! If you don't wish to come to the studio and would like to stay completely private about your dance education, or you have a private party coming up and you might need a dance host, or you simply are in need of a group class for your guests; we are here to help! We are looking forward to working with the most extravagent projects and ideas!

Choose best time for you, book your instructor and enjoy yourself without leaving your home!

Why you should be learning dance at home?

  • I should have lots of space at home." This is not true! Your kitchen or living room would provide enough space to have a great time while learning how to dance!

  • “We don’t have music equipment at the house!” Not to worry! We are bringing our portable music system and you will have a quality experience!

  • “I need to have a dance partner!” Not true! Our dance instructor is going to be the dance partner. Not having a dance partner is not a problem!

  •  “It’s too late to start!”  Not true! We have clients who have started learning to dance in their 70s and 80s! You experience will be fun and easy!

  • ​“I would try it but I have serious doubts about the progress!” Completely understandable! You will see and feel huge progress right after the first lesson or money back

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