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Zechariah White

Professional Dance Instructor

Zechariah White has been a dancer for 23 years. Many years ago, when Zechariah embraced his ability and love for dance, he would entertain his time watching re-runs of the classic television show, “Solid Gold.” Zechariah aspires to be Mikhail Baryshnikov’s prodigy and continues to overcome any challenging obstacles. He constantly absorbs and progresses to blossom into his own unique style. Zechariah is determined to work diligently and strives to be one of the greatest dancers in the world.
Zechariah was born and raised in the United States but has uprooted to many different states including California, Arizona, Texas and now Florida. Zechariah has studied and has become proficient in several series of dance- some including ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop. During his studies, Zechariah paid special attention to the elements of Smooth/Standard, Rhythm/Latin.

With Ballroom being his favorite genre, Zechariah has been instructing and guiding his students, doing Pro/Am competitions nationally for 12 years in multiple companies and ballrooms, a few being Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire.
“Dance is easy when you truly believe that you are capable. For example, if you can read and have a strong sense of motivation to shape/mold your vocabulary as well as your creativity, you have the ability to pursue anything you put your mind to. We all have talent. It’s up to you on how you polish it. I have always loved watching my students grow!
Not only do I develop a sense of pride for both myself and my students, seeing the satisfaction of accomplishments from them brings me joy!” -Zechariah White

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