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Sonia J.

Professional Dance Instructor

Sonia grew up in Caracas -Venezuela, with an European background from France and Spain. She has a multicultural approach to the art of dancing from the roots where each dance style and music was first originated.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science, which allows her to better comprehend the anatomy and mechanics of the body in movement. Since very young age, Dance has always been her passion, with a strong drive in learning and teach Jazz, Flamenco, Tango, Latin Rhythms, and Ballroom.
Sonia has been a dance teacher for over 15 years, teaching all Latin social dances, including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Brazilian Samba, Flamenco, Tango among some styles and has a vast experience creating special choreographies for weddings and show performances for adults and children in theatrical musicals.

In addition to dancing, she is committed to health, fitness, nutrition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which has led her to hold several nutrition and fitness certifications, including Zumba Fitness. She was a pioneer and one of the first instructors to teach Zumba alongside its creator, Beto Perez, in Miami since 2005, including Zumba videos participation.
After discovering the magical world of Ballroom, Sonia became the World Champion for Solo Dance at the 2018 USDC in the Pro-Am division. Her love for Ballroom Dancing and Teaching motivated her to earn a Ballroom Teacher Certification from The National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA) and Dance Visión DVIDA in Rhythm. She continued her training in Smooth and International Latin Styles.
Sonia also was invited on several TV shows for BACON TV in Broward County to teach Dance on TV for public schools.

“Dancing is the most beautiful, healthy and rewarding activity for the body , mind and soul which intrinsically results in a never-ending learning process, enriching the lives of students and, in a reciprocating way, it enriches the lives of teachers and coaches as well.”

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