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Enroll in referral program, start earning rewards with us!


Why partner with Let's Dance With Me?


Promotion Made Easy

Promote us anywhere you go and simply send one of the links to your referral to enroll in as little as introductory lesson with us! No need to create any advertising context.  Use old fashion method of :"the world of mouth and get rewarded"!



Unprecedented Rewards  

We are ready to give you as high as $200 OFF your next enrollment!



A Dedicated Account Manager

We are watching very closely customer's referrals and use latest  software to provide you with accurate data.




Referral Program Terms & Conditions

  • Any student referring clients can not accumulate more than $200 worth of rewards per calendar month.


  • If non-applied credits, discounts and bonuses are not used within the calendar month, they will expire. No exceptions.


  • Earned bonuses or discounts can not be given to a third party at any time.


  • Students wishing to participate in the referral program must be enrolled with Let’s Dance With Me for no less           than 2 weeks.

   To access and monitor your rewards, create your account. If you already have an account, log in below!  

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