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Andrea Marta

Professional Dance Instructor

Andrea’s been a certified Ballroom Dance Instructor since 2006; he is proud to have built a reputation as a respected ballroom teacher in the industry. Andrea has trained dancers from different countries, helping them grow into confident, well-rounded performers that are prepared to conquer any stage or dance floor.
At five years old in Rome, Italy, Andrea started ballroom dancing at his uncle Maurizio's dance studio and had a successful career in youth amateur.


Coming from a family of dance performers, his parents made it to the senior gold level finals in the Italian Championship, and his older brother still lives in Rome and teaches dance.
​Andrea’s past awards include first place, Italian Championships, 1998 and 2012; finalist, Italian Championships, 2008; first place, South European Championships, 2013; and semifinalist and finalist in WDSF (international division) in Spain, France, Thailand, and Italy. His students are winners and finalists of the most challenging competitions in the US, such as Ohio Star Ball, Millennium Dance Festival, USDC, Capitol Dancesport, and others.
Whether your goal is to dance socially or competitively, Andrea will personalize each dance lesson based on your individual needs and desires.

Group Classes and Private lessons by Andrea

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