Ballroom, Latin, Hip Hop, Wedding, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap Dance Instruction for Adults and Children in Naples! 

Spring Showcase: Bravo Cinema


Tickets are still available for purchase. 

This is going to be another fantastic project with everyone doing dance presentations showcasing their hard-work and achievements within the first half of the year! Cocktail hour, show dances, after party and tons of memories forever!
​We look forward to seeing you going above and beyond with your routines!

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Your Learning Experience With Us

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Interested In Trying A Lesson With Us?

Pick any dance or a style you like and take a sample dance lesson with one of our qualified instructors. We will help to navigate through dance levels and the variety of styles. Determine what learning format works best for you going forward.  No partner needed! You will love every minute of your introductory lesson!

Weekly Group Classes


We are running over 13 dance classes weekly in a variety of styles! Step into the world of dance and discover an exciting way for yourself to make new friends, exercise, and enjoy beautiful movement on the dance floor to your favorite music! You don't need to have or come with a partner. Our dedicated professionals will make you feel comfortable on the floor in any style you choose!

Wedding Dance Specialists 


Weddings is an exciting event in everyone's life. Either you are planning to accomplish a bride and groom dance, mother and son, or father and daughter dance, we are here to help! Let us create a beautiful wedding dance. By taking some lessons on wedding dance preparation you will have a memorable experience for many years to come.

Travel to exclusive US destinations and abroad, stay in luxury hotels, compete in dance, meet people and live your social life fully with us!
Offering street-based classes and private lessons every day!
We teach students to be socially confident!

Hip Hop classes for adults are run weekly. We gather students of different backgrounds and experiences here at the studio! Every single class we teach social poise on the platform of street-based moves which you will be able to use tomorrow in a social setting!


Improve your posture, stamina, confidence, coordination and more! Offering classes of all sizes and levels.