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Barbara Chacon

Professional Dance Instructor

Bárbara Chacón was born in Cochabamba Bolivia where she studied jazz, ballet and modern dance with the most remarkable dance teachers of her country. She also has a MD in Communication.For more than 15 years she was part of two important theater companies of her country starting to tour and performed every single weekend since she was 18 years old; "There is nothing like being on the stage, the connection you can establish with the audience, the lights, the make up and costumes, you become a different person and you can be who ever you want to be."


During this time she also started teaching kids, teenagers, young adults, women, couples, single ladies and men. She continued her dance studies exploring different styles like belly dance, Argentine tango, pole dance and ballroom in Bolivia, Argentine, France and USA; "I started studying dance when I was 16 years old, not a typical age to start if you want to be a dancer, but I was hungry to learn as much as I could, I believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind into and if you are willing to do what is necessary to achieve your goals."

Barbara has three passions in life: Dance, Communication and Teaching. After moving to USA she continued her career as a dance instructor and TV producer, working as a co- host for a Latino Morning Show in Univision Bay Area; "I just couldn’t chose between one of the other. I think dancing is one of the most amazing ways of communication we have as humans and I love the fact that today you can share and inspire others through all the tools that social media has made available." Barbara moved from California to Naples less than a year ago with her husband and son. She is thrilled to be part of the Let’s Dance With Me family and start sharing her passion for dance;"I can’t wait to meet you and help you explore what dancing can bring into your life, let’s dance together."

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